What makes OurStory Tours better than other tour companies that you may be considering? In one word: “AUTHENTICITY”.

Providing an unforgettable experience that can’t be easily duplicated is one of our primary goals. On our tours, your students will get a real learning and cultural experience.  Our staff, tour guides, and tour directors truly identify with the on-tour lesson and all aspects of the tour.  For the tours that we operate, we challenge you to find a company more knowledgeable about and more connected to the content.

Get ready for a real connection… We’re not just sightseeing here!

Tired of taking the same ole “cookie-cutter” class trips with your history class, offered by most student tour companies? Check out our remarkable EXPERIENCES…

Customer service EXPERIENCE


From deciding where to go, what to do, and how to do it within your budget, we work with you until we have the perfect fit. We aim to address your needs and answer your questions within 12 hours or less. Also, when it comes to getting administrator / district approval, meeting with parents, preparing for your trip, and adjusting to unforeseen hurdles, you’ll have peace of mind in our partnership knowing that we have your back 100%.



OurStory Tours offers some of the most flexible payment terms in the travel industry. While most companies require payment in full no later than 90 days before your tour, we accept payments up to 30 days (45 for tours with airfare) prior. We also offer several options for individual online registration, group payment, and flexibility with payment dates & amounts.



OurStory Tours finds the most affordable and convenient flight routes on known and trusted commercial carriers for your journey. Likewise, we charter clean and comfortable buses from fully insured and reputable companies typically offering features such as wifi, TV monitors, lavatories, and power outlets for your devices.



We totally customize your itinerary to fit your African-American history and cultural goals, offering unique experiences such as interactive workshops, expert presentations, and student exchanges.



No low budget menus at cheap chains or early dinners at the hotel. We arrange quality meals at authentic restaurants and local favorites with options for nearly everyone.  Why go to the same places that you can go to at home? We know where to go to get the real food!



We book our groups at clean and comfortable 3 – 4 star inner corridor properties that are conveniently located to your travel destinations. We ensure that our selected properties are rated at least 3.5 to 5 by travelers on TripAdvisor.

Tour Director EXPERIENCE


Our tour directors and guides are trained and experienced travel managers that specialize in working with our student groups. They are with you from the time of arrival, to the time of departure to ensure a quality and fun-filled experience.



Teachers and educators earn money, free travel, and other rewards for traveling with Our Story Tours.

Need a little guidance in choosing the perfect trip? We're here to help!